KID is a non-profit tutoring and mentorship program that works to expose underserved youth to the science, art, and beauty of the universe through projects, workshops and field trips. Our volunteering options include opportunities to host an annual 5-day summer program, teach weekly programs at the First Congregational Church, volunteer at the Path of Life Emergency Family Shelter, and hold fundraisers to fund the camp and the program.

We are mostly UCR students, alumni, and members of the Riverside Community who aim to inspire and cultivate leadership in youth that society neglects. We all believe that if you can ignite a person’s passion for learning than that can embolden them to do great things and enrich the world. It is this blend of community members and our passion to serve that we think makes us kind of awesome.

Contact us via to begin receiving e-mails and reminders for important events! Once you have joined, attend one of our General meetings and come to our socials!

We also have the following pages for our various volunteer opportunities!

Wednesday Sessions:


iDiscover Camp:

Camp Counselor

Camp Volunteer

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